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Michaela S. Cox

Michaela S. Cox is a four-time published author. Her books include Heartfelt Meditations: A Collection of Poetry Inspired by Cherished Scriptures, books on motherhood in her Take a Sip, Take a Breath and Go... series and most recently, on her faith in Scripture, Spirituality and Our Culture series. Michaela has also been published in "Light and Life".  She is an author who writes about her heartfelt meditations related to her passions about her journey as a mother, her journey of faith and the American journey of We the People. 

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Michaela S. Cox

Michaela S. Cox is a multi-published faith based author and speaker. Michaela S. Cox writes on a diverse and eclectic array of topics that she is passionate about. Michaela writes on things such as her faith, her own journy in life, motherhood/ parenting and who we are as Americans and America as a nation. Michaela S. Cox other publications include 'Living the Beach Life and Heartfelt Meditations.

Michaela takes her writings from her own life experience and journey of going from surviving to thriving in all things to help inspire and empower people on their own journey. Michaela has a passion for sharing her story and message of Navigating through the doorways in life and learning how to be empowered to go from surviving to thriving in all things in life to live your very best life.

In addition to be an author and speaker Michaela S. Cox is a mama to her two babies and lives in Louisiana and continues journeying and living her best life thriving in all things.

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Sharing My Vision

The idea of Thriving in All Things in Life came from a amazing evening in late December in 2019 spent sitting on the back porch at my bestie's home. We were having an amazing and empowering conversation about life and our word for the year. It was due to this conversation about my own journey and being stuck as to where I was in my personal journey of grief/loss. It was through this chat I realized that I could thrive in my journey and how to do so where I was in that season and in my journey as I continued to travel it. I had such an empowering mind shift and new prospetive that informed how I would now continue to travel my journey of grief/loss and in life.  


My true, earnest and continual desire and purpose always will be to share my heartfelt message, my truth and wisdom gain from learne lessons in life, and stories from my heart with you all. I desire much and will give always a voice to the truth and message I have to share through my stories that are laid on and in my heart. These is what you will find in my writings, stories and here at Thriving in all Things in life. I my heartfelt desire is that you find something that speaks to you and helps you learn, explore, discover, grow and empower you to travel your own journey. I wish you heartfelt blessing as you travel your own path in your journey. May it lead you to your own desires, thriving and living your best life. 

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