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Have you ever found yourself wondering what I am teaching my child/children?


Have you considered what legacy you are passing on to your child/children and family?

In Before the Clock Strikes Midnight ... A Collection of Truthful and Wise Words fo the Journey Ahead, Michaela S.Cox creates and complies a collection of lessons for life that are infused with truth and wisdom she wishes to pass on to her children's journey. Michaela S. Cox hopes to give her children these truth filled pearls of wisdom to lay a strong and solid foundation for their journey ahead as they travel through their own life. Michaela S. Cox wishes much to provide preparation fo her babies and their own journey in life that they will travel. 

Michaela S. Cox presents a collection of lesson for life she wishes to pass on to her children.  A collection of lessons that are infused with pearls of wisdom, 

A collection of pearls of wisdom and truth to form the basis of a strong and firm foundation for her children as they journey ahead in life,

A collection of the peals of wisdom that her children's father would want to impart to them and give them a legacy for their life's journey. 

As parents let's always consider the lessons, the truths and the pearls of wisdom we are providing fo our babies. Let's always be mindful and intentional in our preparation for our children as they travel their life's journey. Let's build them a strong and solid foundation to stand on to launch from to be able to travel their journey ahead in life well. 

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