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38DDD: A Journey of going from much tribulation to thriving in all things in life...a life long Disability of Legal Blindness, Divorce by 26...Death of beloved husband by 38 and being thrown into solo parenting. I help to inspire, empower people to overcome their own tribulations and find hope and healing in a diverse and various range of areas of life by sharing my journey of 38DDD...of learning how to go from

much tribulation of life-long Disability of legal blindness, Divorce at 26 and Death/loss of beloved husband at 38 and thrown into solo parenting and thriving in life no matter what comes my way. So that they too can thrive in and through their own challenges and tribulations in life.


Michaela S. Cox


Michaela S. Cox is a multi-published author/ speaker. She writers on a wide and diverse range of topics to include her five series: 'Now I See... ' (her life story of 38DDD the journey of life, tribulation, thriving, overcoming, life, loss and love) 'Take a Sip, Take a Breath and Go... ' (on motherhood), 'Before the Clock Strikes Midnight' (written to kids and intentional parenting), 'Scripture, Spirituality and Our Culture' (faith, religion, spirituality and our culture) and 'We the People' Are?' (We the People and our system of government in America). Additional works include 'Living the Beach Life and Heartfelt Meditations... A Collection of Poetry Inspired by Cherished Scripture'. Additionally Michaela S. Cox has been a speaker on 50 plus podcasts. 

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