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The small and simple saving graces of motherhood

As I have continued to journey on as a mommy there were and have been moments where I have said and wondered can I just catch a break. What does it take or what do I have to do for me to catch a break around here. These moments of wanting to catch a break seemed to come the most when I was pursuing my graduate work and working towards my masters. In life I think people often think that in order to catch that break that they need has to be something major like time off from whatever it is that is causing the need for a break, a nice long vacation or a get away form it all. While yes absolutely those major much needed breaks are always nice and welcomed but in motherhood I have found the opposite to be just as needed, important and true. It seems like that in the small everyday things I can find just as much saving grace if not more so that fills the need and gives me that much needed break.

In reading this it might be easy to wonder how in the world could she possibly mean a small thing can get the job done just as well or as nicely as a weekend get away or a nice long vacation could do. Well, the answer lies in the mind set of minute to minute motherhood. What I mean is that just as often times I live my days, especially early on in motherhood, going from one minute to the next minute often times the small breaks and saving graces are found in those minute to minute mothering and living. Also often times when those nice much needed weekend get aways or long vacations come along once in a blue moon or a year and there are large time gaps in between especially for young mothers, parents and families it seems way to much time passes in between each of those opportunities for mommies and parents. In the case of my husband and myself this has been and is even immensely more difficult in that we live 26 hours away from any family. After becoming parents 6 years ago we have a had a total of 6 nights off and that only happens when my parents come in to visit us in New Hampshire or we go their house. Each and every one of those case has been only for like one or two nights at time. Honestly I know for me I can’t wait and hold on that long to wait for the long week vacation to catch that break that allows me to keep my sanity as a mommy. Also I need more moments of taking a break, a breaths and a sips in the name of my sanity.

In my own journey as a mommy personally I have found endless ways and moments that have given me that daily needed break and been my saving grace as a mommy. Each time that I have found my saving grace it has been in the small and simple things in my day in my life as a mommy. It could be I got a few more minutes to sleep or I got to take a long, hot and uninterrupted bath. I have found, even as crazy has it may be or sound, if I can wake up before my daughter and can have a few quite, still and silent moments of starting my day slowly and calmly by washing my face, brush my teeth, rinse mouthwash, drinking my OJ, checking my basic stuff like weather, yahoo, email, Facebook, twitter and fox News I can have a good clear head and frame of mind to start my day and are ready for anything. Also other sources of my moments of daily saving grace can be found in my daughter, when younger, taking really good nap or playing so I can make the much needed phone calls or a few chores around the house and not let things get away form. My saving grace can be found in other moments that I have to be productive and get ahead of the power curve, not getting or staying behind and feel as if I’m getting to be productive, stay on top of things such as getting house work done, do laundry or any other projects done.

A portion of daily saving grace can be found in a moment when my most wonderful amazing husband said I’m taking the kids so you have some time to relax or do whatever. Also believe or not I at times find my moments of daily saving grace when I’m working out and feeling I’m taking care of me. In my going through this list of ways or methods of finding my own moments of daily saving graces is to show that a moment of catching a break or finding a much needed saving grace can be found in just about any moment through the daily moments of our lives as mommies. Also in just about any numerous amount of methods can be found much needed daily saving graces for us as mothers no matter what form or outlet that may be you as a mommy. We are all different so find whatever that it is for you in you own mourn and life as a mommy. It is through these simple daily saving graces that have allow me to take a break, take a sip, take a breath and go forward keeping my sanity and balance in the constant swirling, whirling life of motherhood. My daily simple saving graces allow me go on building the house of cards I want for myself, my daughter and my family. May we as mothers always seek to find are own daily saving graces to give us the continued ability to be our best selves, wives, mommies and journey on smoothly, sanely and steadily in courage, strength and beauty.

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