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In this section of my website I wanted to provide additional material, content
and resources surrounding my passions.


I wanted to share relevant and more expansive information and knowledge related to
the subjects that I write on and are the meditations of my heart.


I wanted offer supplemental resources that would be give extensive support to

expound more on the messages, stories and truths that I share through my writings and books.


I seek to also provide knowledge, insight, nuggets or pearls of wisdom to shed light on these matters of faith, spirituality, seeking the truth on these matters.  Also on the the journey of motherhood and what it is to be and make up 'We the People' America.

Another life experience that I have come to know well and have become my own life's journey. I desire to bring along those who are shattered and broken hearted due to loss and grief over those they loved and love. Now, as I find myself, have to travel this unexpected journey to learn to live again and how to strive to thrive in all things.


My wish and desire by sharing and providing these resources on these matters and topics any travelers on their on journeys in life will find the message, knowledge, insight, answers and truth they seek through these sources and may my heartfelt words help them along their own journey. Follow the path, follow your heart, seek the truth and answers, stay the course, one foot in front of the other, and breathe one day at time. Life is not only the destination we seek but the way we take and how we travel the journey on the way to our desired destination. Travel well in your life, my fellow seekers and travelers. May you find what you seek and reach where you wish to be and find the truth and your passion, purpose and destination.


Enjoy your journey.   - Michaela

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