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Me O’clock time

I remember when my daughter was younger and I saw one of, what I thought to be, best, funnies, cutest and most clever advertising campaigns or commercials I ever had seen. I remember thinking women would so get this and I myself as a women, wife and mother totally related to it. It was done by Yoplail and in this commercial there was a women who was doing work like it was dishes O clock time and laundry O clock time. Then after she did all the O’clock times of the her day liked dishing the laundry and drying the dishes the commercial show her taking some Me’Oclock time in this case eating Yoplail yogurt. This got me thinking about my day in my life as a mommy and wife. What are my own O’Clocks times that I have to do. What are the O’Clocks that fill up my seconds, minutes, hours of my day. What takes up my 6amO’clock, my 11pmO’clock, or my 1pmO’clock, my 5pmO’clocks and so on and so forth of my day.

As I started to consider what filled up and preoccupied all of my O’clocks I realized that, as it should be, it was the needs of my baby and my family that filled my O’clocks. Any of my O’clocks could be filled with any number of things such as (depending on the current stage of my daughter’s life) changing diapers/potty training/taking to the bathroom O’clock time, nursing/bottle feeding/meal O’clock time, nap or bed O’clock time, play O’clock time, reading O’clock time, cleaning O’clock time, laurnday O’clock time, dishes O’clock time, dusting O’clock time, errand and appointment O’clock time and countless other O’clock times. Of course I never minded doing and always loved doing those O’clocks times for my daughter and family. Although it didn’t leave much for Me’Oclock time to do as I please with. Particularly this was the case up until recently all of my other Me’oclock time was consumed with graduate work O’clock time. During all of these mommy O’clocks times caused me to wonder what about my Me O’clock time. As a mommy who was wanting and needing her MeO’clocck time was I selfish for wanting and taking my Me’Oclock time. This was a hard answer for me to figure out or come to. Even as I figured out the answer that was absolutely and a resounding no it was difficult for me to make time for MeO’clock time and make myself take it.

In my journey as a mommy I was able to come to this answer of yes it is perfectly fine and yes you can take and should take your MeO’clock time in a few ways. One is that I started to see and find the multiple benefits in taking my MeO’clock time for me, my daughter and family. Thus through seeing these benefits changed my thinking and made it easier to allow myself to take the needed MeO’clock time. Giving and allowing myself the space and freedom to have McO’clock time often gave and gives times of good quality and special time for my daughter to spend with her daddy, It allows it also allows for my daughter to get to fun things. I get my much needed break, saving grace and MeO’clock time. Previously I have talked about the choice and priorities we have and make as mommies and about how we must make for ourselves this a priority of Me’Oclock time. Whereas before catching my sips, snacks, sleep, soaks and sex was about feeling human and holding on to my sanity and just my basic survival catching my MeO’clock is equally important. MeO’clock time may seem at face value the same as catching sips, snacks, sleep, soaks and sex in nature but in the case O Me’Clock time I’m talking more specifically about doing something for yourself ,outside of the basic human or feeling like a woman things, instead of spending most of your MeO’clocks being filled with time dong for others. Another benefit in giving yourself your MeO’clock time it teaches our babies the invaluable lesson that the world doesn’t not revolve around them and they are not the only ones in this world who need or want things. Moreover that there is more to this life than them and that it is okay for O’clock times to O’clock times for mommy to fill wth things they may need or want to do. This is equally true for couple O’clock times for the benefit of the couple/marriage and the child/children and family as a whole.

As I journeyed on and evolved as a mommy and in my thinking as well I have found it easier to allow myself the space and freedom to find the moments in which to take those, sips, breathes, snacks, sleeps, soaks and go take my Me’Oclock time. For me my MeO’clock time is feeling productive or not being behind in my stuff, working out, spending with or talking to my girlfriends, time with my husband, journaling, writing, writing and more writing and my enjoying my hobbies such as doing Shutterfly. Your MeO’clock time may be or look different, for we are all different and enjoy different things and passions, for you as a mommy and it can be anything that gives that break, that moment of saving grace or the much needed moments of refueling, rejuvenation, or replenishing yourself as individual as person and as a women. When we are rejuvenated or replenished we are more ready and able to be the mommies, wives and whatever other roles that are required of us. We can give our very best to our babies, family, the world and to this journey of motherhood. We are able to go forward building our houses of cards in motherhood with a steady, steadfastness, courage, grace, strength and beauty and give the very best to our babies and families. May we always strive to find our MeO’clock time in our daily lives and journey as mothers.

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