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My Motherhood Matters

In life and this world there is much that is immaterial or insignificant and then likewise equally there is much that is of great, immense and profound importance, relevance and significance.

What and how is considered immaterial or significant will vary from person to person and also is determined differently from person to person as well. Moreover one of the greatest influential factors into what a person determines to be or not to be important or irrelevant is what that an individual puts value in or on.

For some people they value money, power, status or other forms of material success. For others it can be work, school, friends and family. Also others assign importance on politics or sports and any numerous things they find value in. Another determining factor into what is considered relevant for a person is often their beliefs and ideas they hold that influence what is important. Thus for some their faith and religion has much influential value. As people who journey through this life the events we experience and go through often helps determine what we will we consider to be significant and relevant or to be immaterial and unimportant. In my own life’s journey one of the if not the most significant, profound and immensely important influential events for me that changed what I determined to be material and significant in my life was becoming a mommy and starting my journey into motherhood. In beginning my journey as a mother and into motherhood I considered what would I now consider to be significant or immaterial after booming a Mama. I wondered how, in what ways and what about my motherhood would matter.

As I became a mommy I realized numerous things one being that this would forever more change my life. Also that in changing my life and being a mommy this would be the most important journey I would go on and would be my most important job I would ever have. I also discovered that my motherhood profoundly, fundamentally mattered. Consider this women and mothers are at the heart and center of the family unit that is at the center of every culture, society, civilization and history in that we create and give life. Therefore the seat of every individual, family, culture, society, nation, civilization and history rest with women who are mothers. Mothers are the very introduction, exposure, orientation, education, experience into this life, a child’s culture and this world. Everything we do as mothers matters, influences and shapes every aspect of our babies lives, experiences, and world. Motherhood matters most definitely and arguably matters the most. My motherhood matters to my daughter, my family, to our world and maybe to history. As a mommy I have influence over her whole life for what I teach and demonstrate before her will influence and mold her character, have imprint on who she becomes, follow her all throughout her life and influence what she does, contributes and give to her family and world thus my motherhood matters.

In understanding that my motherhood mattered I considered much and wanted to decided what matters were most important and what would matter the most as a mommy for my daughter and my family. One component to this is what matters do I say as a mother matter for me to teach, train, demonstrate for my daughter. I value virtue and good character for me, my daughter and family. Personally I define virtue and good character as being kind, thoughtful, fair, just, compassionate, considerate, courteous, gracious, generous, merciful, forgiving, loving, loyal, brave, courageous, strong, independent, hard working, preserve, determined, and never quit or give up. Also I value passion in and for life and whatever my daughter chooses to follow, following your heart, your faith and God. Thus I desire and hope I am showing and teaching my daughter these things are what matter in life. What matters most to me as a mommy is that I teach and instill in my daughter all these things that I have listed as what I have determined to matter in life. Thus in and through my teaching and demonstrating these important matters as a mommy to my daughter creates, forms and gives weight to the potential influence that I have as a mommy and in my motherhood that matters.

The second component to this is what do I determine important, valuable, relevant and significant in my motherhood for my baby girl and my family. Where would my priorities and focus be as a mother. I think that what I chose as a mommy to focus on and prioritize influences the very tone and nature of my own motherhood and journey and thus has just as much influence on my daughter and family as does the important matters of my motherhood. Do I want to be so busy in life whether it be with work, school or being the perfect susie housewife or homemaker and always focused on being super housewife or women that it is at the expense of being what my daughter needs in a mommy or may family needs. Moreover do I want to risk missing out on the fleeting family fun moments and mommy moments with my baby girl. Similarly do I want to look back and say I missed the mark on what was important and I had misplaced what was significant thus flipping what should have been immaterial with what should have been relevant. Did I spend my moments as a mommy on matters that mattered.

For me in own life and journey as a women and mommy what matters most of all to me is my writing, friends, family and faith. I value most the time and moments with my family and sweet precious baby girl. I value and find most profound and utmost immense relevance, significance and important in the influence I have as a mommy and in my motherhood. I know at times my life in day of my motherhood can feel and seem utterly boring, irreverent, insignificant, immaterial, unimportant and momentous. I have found myself wondering how in the world does what I do as a mother have any bearing, weight or influence on my daughter, family or world. Then I remember how I was shaped and influenced by my own mother thus helps me to realize my own influence with my own daughter and family. Also I see how my daughter is growing, her character is changing, shaping and developing as her own individual little person. I see evidence of the imprints of what I do, say, teach and demonstrate for my daughter appearing in her and who she is becoming. This is profound reminder for me that yes I do have influence on her and what I do as her mommy profoundly immensely matters. For better or worse my motherhood matters. May I always as her now forever more Mama remember that and consider this profound influence in everything I say, do, demonstrate and teach her knowing that it shapes, creates and influences the women and mother she will be. May we as mommies remember the house of cards of motherhood we build is important, matters and influences the future house of cards that will be built by our daughters for their own future, babies and potentially for the future generations of history and the world to come.

May we as mothers never ever forget the influence and importance we have as mommies to our babies, our families and that our motherhood most profoundly matters.

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