Michaela S. Cox


Thriving in All things in Life

Welcome to Thriving in all Things in Life, where you can discover how you can be inspired and empowered along the way fo your own journey in life. I would love to share my message and story of my 38DDD: a journey of going from much tribulation to thriving in all things in life. 
I hope my story and message helps you along your own journey in life. 

Author bio:  Michaela S. Cox is a multi-published author who writes about motherhood, faith, and culture. Drawing on her own life experiences with disability, divorce and the death of her beloved husband, Michaela knows what it’s like to face tribulations, preserve and thrive through challenges. Her journey offers hope and a way forward to those who are dealing with challenges of their own.

I want to help to inspire, empower you on your own journey of overcoming tribulations and find hope and healing in a diverse and various range of areas of life by sharing my journey of 38DDD of learning how to go from much tribulation of life long Disability of legal blindness, Divorce at 26 and Death/loss of beloved husband at 38 and thrown into solo parenting and thriving in life no matter what comes my way. So that you too can thrive in and through your own challenges and tribulations in life.


Have you ever found yourself totally overwhelmed and thinking 'What have I gotten myself into?' or have you ever wondered 'How to go forward in new or second wave of uncharted waters after starting on a journey?

In Take a Double Shot: Take Two Breaths and Ready Set Go...Continuing the Journey Through Motherhood Michaela S. Cox pulls back the curtain to her own journey in motherhood after becoming a mama to two precious babies. Michaela S, Cox gives her fellow mommy travelers a front row set to her own learning and experiences in her taking the second stroll around the motherhood block. Michaela S. Cox wants her fellow travelers in motherhood to have a place of freedom to relax, sit, take two sips, take two breaths, and go forward rejuvenated on their own journey. Michaela S. Cox also want her fellow travelers to feel free to express, discover, and explore, their own journey as mamas.

In Take a Double Shot: Take Two Breaths and Ready Set Go....Continuing the Journey Through Motherhood you will discover

   - A fresh, humorous and clever prospective

   - Michaela S. Cox's honest, earnest and vulnerable voice as she walks through her own journey          as a mama

   - How to explore your own journey as a mama, how to find and use your own voice as you walk          through your own journey as a mama

   - How to become less virginal as a mama and more of your own expert mama for your babies as      you continue your own journey in motherhood

   - How to take your sips, your breaths, set back, put your feet up, relax and the value there is in          doing these things as mommies

   - That we are all traveling this journey of motherhood learning and growing as mamas to                    become the best mamas we can be for our babies and families.


So sit back, put your feet up, take your Me O'Clocks to relax and travel with me on this journey of motherhood. Discover how to take your multiple sips, take your breaths so you can keep traveling your journey as the best mama you want to be.Lets travel and discover together as we journey through this thing we call motherhood.