Michaela S. Cox


Thriving in All things in Life

Welcome to Heartfelt Meditations, where I would love to share my
journey through life with my faith, my journey as a mother and my
love of America as a member of We the People.

Purpose & Vision Statement 

The idea of Heartfelt Meditations sprung out of my first book, which was originally entitled My Tribute. It was felt, as often times it does in writing, there was need for a change in title and it truly worked out for the best. What is now known, and has been known since publication in 2011 as Heartfelt Meditations: A Collection of Poetry Inspired by Cherish Scriptures, really created a whole new thought that would truly take shape and create the central fundamental idea to all my writing along my author journey as it would grow and progress. 


My thought becomes that these poems truly were the meditations of my heart that I truly felt with my whole heart. As in my writing this is how I have always and will always feel about my writings that it comes from my heart, what I’m passionate about and feel heartfelt what I write. Whether it’s writing on my journey as a mama, my own journey through my faith, as fellow American who has great love of her country as part of we the people, for my precious babies or my own stories In my own journey it’s all deeply heartfelt and flows from my heart. Because of this it seems most correct and appropriate to call my writings and my journey as an author Heartfelt Meditations.


My true, earnest and continual desire and purpose and always will be to share my heartfelt message, my truth, and stories from my heart with you all. I desire much and will give always a voice to the truth and message I have to share through my stories that are laid on and in my heart. These things is what you will find in my writings, stories and here at My Heartfelt Meditation. I my heartfelt desire is that you find something that speaks to you and helps you learn, explore, discover and grow on your own journey that you travel. i wish you heartfelt blessing as you travel your own path in your journey may it lead you to your own heartfelt meditation and desires.